Nathan Sims
Chris Lilley
Jonah Takalua
Ja'mie King
Mr G
Daniel & Nathan Sims
Blake Oakfield
Jen Okazaki
Pat Mullins
Phil Olivetti
Ricky Wong
We Can Be Heroes follows the daily lives of the nominees for the prestigious Australian of the Year award, including Phil Olivetti, Pat Mullins, Ricky Wong, Ja'mie King, Daniel Sims and his twin brother Nathan.
Summer Heights High is a portrayal of public-school life through the eyes of the privileged, over-achiever Ja'mie King, the self-inflated drama teacher Mr G and Tongan troublemaker Jonah Takalua.
Angry Boys explores the influences, pressures, dreams and ambitions of today's boys through U.S. hip hop sensation S.mouse, identical twins Daniel & Nathan Sims, prison officer Gran, surf gang founder Blake Oakfield and Japanese mother Jen Okazaki.
16 year old Australian of the Year nominee Ja'mie King is a high achiever, smart and beautiful. She holds the national record for sponsoring 85 Sudanese children and partakes weekly in the 40 Hour Famine at Hillford Girls Grammar, where she is by far the most popular student.
Identical twins living in rural Dunt, South Australia with their mother, two younger brothers, sister and dog Ja Rule. In risky surgery, Daniel donates one of his eardrums to his partially deaf brother Nathan and is nominated for Australian of the Year.
Australian of the Year nominee Ricky Wong may be a genius physics student but his real passion is acting. He scores the lead role of Walkabout Man in his University Drama Society's original production, "Indigeridoo".
Phil Olivetti saved nine children from a jumping castle set to crash into power lines and is self-nominated for Australian of the Year. He keeps himself busy with motivational speaking and selling a line of merchandise touting his catchphrase, "Talk About a Rough Day at Work!"
Perth native Pat Mullins pioneered the sport of rolling on her side, a skill she acquired while coping with one of her legs being shorter than the other. She is now determined to complete a world first roll from Perth to Uluru with the help of her loving husband and coach Terry.
As School Captain and unchallenged diva, Ja'mie King stops at nothing to climb her way to the top, dissing Asians and Boarders and conquering members of the opposite sex. Clothes, cars, boys, parties and a hot-girl entourage ... Ja'mie has it all, until her quest to win the Hillford Medal triggers a series of events that change her life forever.
14 year old breakdancer and delinquent Jonah Takalua returns from Tonga to start a new life at a Catholic High School. Despite the well intentioned adults in his life, it's not long before he gets himself into big trouble.
Summer Heights High Tongan teenager Jonah Takalua is your typical troublemaker having been expelled from a number of other schools. When he's not attending Gumnut Cottage for his learning difficulties, he's breakdancing with the Poly Force crew and graffitiing school walls with his "dicktation" tag.
Greg Gregson, aka "Mr G", is a 37 year old Drama teacher at Summer Heights High. He is thrilled to step into the self appointed role of "Director of Performing Arts" and sets about staging a musical inspired by the life and death of Annabel Dickson, a student who overdosed on ecstasy.
Identical twin brothers from rural Dunt, South Australia. They're into surfing the dam, skating and doing "mainies" in their souped-up Nissan Pulsar. They are determined to get their "legends" to attend a farewell party for Nathan who is heading off to deaf school after a failed eardrum transplant operation.
Grandmother to Daniel and Nathan Sims and Garingal Juvenile Justice Centre for Boys' most respected prison officer. Gran is famous for her practical jokes and her Friday Night Song Nights.
Former surfing World Champion and founder of the Mucca Mad Boys surf gang. Blake tragically lost his balls during a gang fight and now lives to protect Narmucca Bay from the rival surf gang the Fennel Hell Men.
S.mouse is a U.S. Hip Hop sensation having released the biggest selling Hip Hop single of all time, "Slap My Elbow". After rebelling against his record label by self releasing a song called "Poo On You", S.mouse finds himself on house arrest at his parent's home for defacating on the hood of a police car.
Jen Okazaki is the tyrannical Japanese mother of gay skateboarding superstar Tim Okazaki and is the mastermind behind the highly-profitable "Gaystyle Enterprises", home of the cock shaped whistle and lickable shoes.
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